Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rev 'Em Up & Shift Into Gear, Mason's 5th Birthday Is Here!

For Mason's birthday this year, he was very adamant about having his party at
Chuck E. Cheese. It was the first year that we decided to completely make this party about Mason, instead of inviting our friends and having it at somewhere that we'd like to have it. It was tough switching gears to only inviting his friends instead of who Christian and I are close with. But he's at that age, and ones we ended up not inviting understood, so it worked out.
Mason also requested to have a "cool race car party". I made sure that he understood that no matter what, Mommy will always make it super cool. :)
{Side Note: I do have to throw in that I designed everything except the invitation.. I did ALL the signs, place cards, food cards, cupcake toppers, napkin rings, trophy label, and made all the cupcakes and brownies. I've have so many people over the years say I should do those things for a business, so if you like my work and would like me to do something for you, just let me know. ;)"
Mason had been counting down for a long time, so he was THRILLED when his party was finally here!
The race was ready to begin....
The decorations were full effect in theme! Mason had his very own 1st Place trophy and all the other kids got trophies as well that all were filled to the brim with coins to play games with! All the kids also got their very own construction cone cups!
Mason had so many of his favorite people there to celebrate HIM!


To start out the party, the kids kept jumping up on stage with Chuck E. Cheese.
They were dancing and gettin' down up there!

Morgan even joined in on the dancing and was whipping herself all over the place!
Does this picture not scream 'Diva' or what?!
The kids got to play all the fun games for the first hour of the party.


Next, all the kids sat down to fuel up!

They got all their drinks from the "Fueling Station", of course! 
And they got all their grub from the Pit Stop!
Yumm-O Traffic Cupcakes and Brownies!
After the kids ate, the hostess put Mason up on the chair for some Birthday Festivities!
Chuck E. Cheese, himself, came over and gave him a Birthday Crown and hug!

Then the ENTIRE place sang Happy Birthday to Mason!

Making a wish!!
Then he got his special Birthday Medal!

Next was a group birthday dance in front with Chuck E. Cheese!

After the dance, Mason got to enter the Ticket Blaster!!
There were tons of tickets flying everywhere! He caught a lot of them, and they gave him 1,000 extra tickets for being the birthday boy!
And last but certainly not least was present time!! Mason thought everything was "so cool" and "super awesome"!

Before the kids hit the road to head home, they crossed the Finish Line.
There was a Car Emergency Kit that they got to fill up.

 It included:
2 Spare Tires
2 Scoops of Nuts & Bolts
2 Sticks of Turbo Dust

Mason said to us, "That was such a great choice to have it there, right?" And we completely agree with him!
Thanks to everyone for coming and celebrating our growing boy! And a special thank you to Chuck E. Cheese for hosting such a great party!!
“What it's like to be a parent: It's one of the hardest things you'll ever do but in exchange it teaches you the meaning of unconditional love.”

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